Atrans: Persian Voice Translator

Atrans is the first speech to speech voice translator software in Persian that translates uttered sentences and phrases from Persian into their English and Arabic equivalents. This software immensely facilitates communication with foreign speakers when you are on a trip. Obviously, speech is the simplest and the most natural way of communication. However, speech communication among people speaking with different languages ​​requires familiarity with a common language. An inexpensive and easier way is to use a “speech to speech translator”.

To make inter-language communications easier, ALBORZ TECH has designed and implemented the first Persian-based speech-to-speech translator. This software can help people to meet their basic needs without knowing a foreign language. For example, users can speak in Persian for asking the breakfast time in a hotel, the location of shopping centers, a good restaurant or clothing prices. By recognizing the uttered speech, the computer reads the equivalent sentence or phrase in the target language. Persian automatic speech recognition system is the kernel of Atrans that processes and recognizes user’s speech. Then the recognized speech is translated and expressed as its equivalent utterance in the target language.

In the current version of Atrans, the common sentences and phrases are grouped in six categories. The user by chooses one and says the related sentence to be translated into the intended language. In this software, a Persian-English dictionary is also included to be used if necessary. In addition to the version developed for PC, an installable version of Atrans has been developed for hand-held computers and certain mobile handsets.


Atrans Features

  • Translating sentences from speech to speech
  • Translating from Persian into English and Arabic
  • Easy, fast and accurate translation
  • Including common phrases in everyday conversations
  • Equipped with English to Persian dictionary
  • Usable on personal computers (PC) and laptops


System Requirements

  • Windows XP operating system with Persian installation
  • Media Player 9 or higher (Windows Media Player 9.0)
  • Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6.0) or higher
  • Sound Card
  • Microphone
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 300 MB of disk space


Click here (link to download page) for free download of the Atrans.