Atalk: Persian Text-to-Speech

Atalk is the first efficient software for converting text to speech in Persian language. Atalk is able to read the text naturally. This software provides the capability of speaking for other software and machines. Atalk in combination with a screen-reader software such as Jaws aids people with a range of reading difficulties to interact with computer efficiently and read e-books, emails, news and websites comfortably. Atalk can help the companies that offer information services to convert text information into speech, save time and money, especially when compared to the alternative of using pre-recorded speech files. The savings are especially significant where you need to change the text dynamically. Furthermore, Atalk can be utilized for audio book production. Huge saving is seen by comparing the cost of using Atalk and per-minute cost of studio-based recording.


Atalk Applications

  • Use in screen reader softwares to aid the blind to work with computers
  • Reading websites, emails, texts, news, etc.
  • Reading menus and information for the customers of telephony IVR systems
  • Benefitting various information systems such as kiosks, call centers, etc.
  • Utilizing in distance learning systems, electronic books, educational content production and tutorials
  • Use in applications such as speech-to-speech translation, OCR, etc.
  • Reading short messages (SMS) on mobile handsets


Atalk Features

  • High quality and natural speech production
  • Real-time speech production
  • Ability to read all kinds of texts, including non-Persian words and numbers
  • Compatibility with the JAWS software
  • Using advanced NLP techniques to detect Persian homographs and words containing Ezafe
  • Capable to play the output sound and/or create audio files
  • Can be used in other softwares as a complementary module
  • Customizable for specific applications


Atalk Versions

  • Atalk-Screen Reader: Persian text-to-speech system for the blind and visually impaired
  • Atalk-Book Reader: A Persian text-to-speech software for general purpose application
  • Atalk-Service: Persian text-to-speech module/SDK/web service for developers and businesses
  • Atalk-Mobile: Persian text-to-speech for embedded systems and cell-phones (now available on Android)


Atalk Advantages

  • Normal speech production with high quality and high speed
  • Great help for people with disabilities such as the blind, illiterates, and seniors
  • Making information systems such as telephony systems and information kiosks more flexible to modify voice messages quickly and easily (with no need of voice recording)
  • Reducing the production cost of educational softwares and information systems by removing the requirement of sound recording
  • Enabling people to read books, emails, news, etc. while driving, eating, …



Package Contents (Atalk-Screen Reader version)

  • Two software CD’s
  • USB Lock


System Requirements for (Atalk-Screen Reader version)

  • Operating systems: Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 and higher), Windows Vista or Windows 7.0
  • At least 1 GB of RAM
  • At least 500 MB of disk space
  • Speakers or headphones


Atalk Demo

Please visit to see the linguistics and sound quality of Atalk.